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Persuasive Essay

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COMM/470 Communicating in the Virtual Workplace

Sample Persuasive Message

  Week 2

  October 19, 2011

  Instructor: Jemine Leigh


      In this paper I will identify the three behaviors which are independent variables, intervening variables, and dependent variables. Also how each one enables e-commerce and analyze each two types of independent variables are personal characteristics and environmental variables (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, Lee, & Viehland, 2008). Personal characteristics refer to the demographic factors, internal individual factors, and behavioral characteristics (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, Lee, & Viehland, 2008). Environmental refers to social, cultural, community, and other environmental variables such as available information, government regulations, legal constraints, and situational factors (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, Lee, & Viehland, 2008).

      Intervening variables controlled by vendors, as in pricing, advertising, branding, physical environment and promotions. The physical environment includes in store displays, logistic support, technical support, and customer services all are important to the client. By showing a company’s product online for the consumer it fulfills the intervening variable.

      The dependent variable is the buying decision, the consumer ask several questions such as, “How much to buy?” “Where to buy the product?” and “When to buy the product?” These decisions depend on the independent and intervening variables (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, Lee, & Viehland, 2008).

      By using personalization in e-commerce a company is referring to matching service, products, and advertising to individuals and their preferences based on what the company knows about the individual user (Turban, King, McKay, Marshall, Lee, & Viehland, 2008). The three steps, services of personalization are: personalized...

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