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Persuasive Essay

  • Submitted by: ashleekaye
  • on September 20, 2012
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School Uniforms and You
Let’s face it, everyone dresses differently. Peers, home lives, family, and the media can all affect the way people dress. But have you ever considered how the way someone dresses can affect their schooling? Safety, having a sense of belonging and sex factor are all important reasons why school uniforms should be required at all schools.
School is supposed to be a very safe place. However, there are constantly strangers ending up on school campuses. These strangers can be anyone from gang members to child molesters! Having school uniforms makes students easily identifiable. This makes it easy to locate those who do not belong on campus because they are not in the appropriate attire. Uniforms also prevent gangs or cliques in schools from be able to sport their ‘colors’ which can cause friction between groups or individuals.
Having and providing a sense of belonging is another important part of school uniforms. Uniforms help to level up the playing field among students providing each student with the opportunities to be included. They also give each student a sense of equality. Clothing can be an easy way to determine differences in wealth of families and home lives. With uniforms you eliminate the possibility of students not belonging or being judged on their clothing types and focus more on student’s personalities.
Lastly, uniforms reduce the sex factor in schools. Even though most schools already have guidelines students are to dress within, they always find ways to push the limits with how tight or revealing their clothing is. With
uniforms, this problem is almost entirely removed! Both girls and boys are no longer able to distract each other by dressing revealingly or sexy. Reducing the sex factor in schools leaves more time for focusing on studies rather than student’s bodies.
In conclusion, required school uniforms are obviously the best choice. Aren’t you concerned about your child’s safety and sense of belonging? Do you...

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