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Persuasive Essay

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I. Are you frustrated by having to risk your life on the streets, just to travel a small distance? Are you tired of being stuck in traffic, with no way to leave?
A. If you answered yes to either of the above, we might just have the solution for you. Listen up, and we will tell you why you need the new _______.
B. As the developers of this time- and energy-saving vehicle, we are here to tell you how the _____ will work for you.
C. The electric helicopter car is revolutionary because it can be driven efficiently, but can take off and fly.
II. If you think about it, you will realize that you do in fact have a need for such a car, but have never actually considered there might be a solution.
A. Everyone knows the annoyance of a destination across a busy highway or river, and having to travel a long distance to cross a bridge over these obstacles, or choosing to walk and risking your life in the hectic traffic of the times. Just as many people know of the potential hours of frustration, hunger, and bathroom needs associated with traffic jams.
B. To show the severity of these problems, in this example, a direct distance of a quarter mile across the river takes 6 miles by road. Also, the average person wastes 62 hours per year in traffic.
C. Problems such as these are very important to people of our age, due to the consequences of arriving late to school.
III. Our new product, the ______ can solve these problems while still being efficient.
A. This vehicle is an electric car, so it is efficient for normal, non-congested roads. However, for those times when you think “Wouldn't it just be easier to fly?” This car has an electric-powered helicopter blade for just that purpose. With the flick of a switch, the blades rotate, and lift the car up, flying like a normal helicopter.
B. In this example, at point A, you could start the blades, and fly over the river to point B, saving yourself nearly six miles of driving. In a traffic jam, you could start the...

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