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Persuasive Political on Burka Ban Essay

  • Submitted by: Hollielynette
  • on August 8, 2015
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Below is an essay on "Persuasive Political on Burka Ban" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In this oral I will be discussing the political debate of the ban of burkas in parliament house.
The issue is the facial covering of the burkas which hides all emotive features, identify and gender. Kalgan Kumar October article 14 states ‘MPS were ‘citing’ the potential hazards of the burka at a time terror levels remain high’   Prime Minister Tony Abbott expresses support for a push to ban the burqa from parliament beginning a rift between non supporters and supporters of the banning, Tony Burke for example claims ‘Abbott wasted an opportunity in unifying Australia in current security climate”

Statement One
We identify Emotions and body language through body and facial expressions for example a man wearing a burka in disguise is claiming to be a false identity, with the nesseracry identification because of hidden posture and physical and facial appearance is covered he is able to get into parliament with false identify, it is not unreasonable nor unjustified to have specific expectations of people whom life style conflicts with our Australian regulations and security protocols, we after all are a multi-cultural country and to proceed to be multi-cultural all culture must be treated equally it is only common sense to eliminate all potential hazardous situations, burkas give the opportunity to take advantage and have the advantage to create negative impacts.

Statement two
Queenslander Mp debates against Tony Abbotts statement ‘not to ‘fret’ about a person’s religion or clothing’ auguring   ‘if someone such as a Muslim woman walked into a bank with full covering of their face and body he would be fretting about it. There are legitimate security issues when someone walks into a public place and you cannot identify them’

Unlike balicalivers burkas give the opportunity for not only religious groups with that applied clothing but for anyone who wants to hide their, identify, age, gender in any situation from entering parliament under false...

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