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Peter Malone Essay

  • Submitted by: benl44
  • on October 4, 2012
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My story Life of Choices is about a man, Peter Malone, leaving Los Angeles for the first time since his family was killed in the 9/11-plane crash. Having been diagnosed with Paranoid Personality Disorder as a teenager and fighting for his country in the Navy, he had been scared of boarding an airplane or just entering an airport. He finally had worked up the courage to get over his fear and get on a plane to go back and visit old friends. Being back in the airport was horrible for him; anyone could have a bomb ready to blow up. While waiting at his gate he saw three suspicious men walking around and was scared into hiding out in the bathrooms until he had to board his plane.   The three sketchy looking men found him hiding in the bathroom and introduced themselves. They claimed to be CIA agents with legit looking credentials. Peter was told that he had been chosen by the CIA to help transport information that would help secure America’s safety. They told him he was chosen do to his courageous naval career. His one true love in life was his country so of course he decided to take the briefcase if it would save lives. On the plane, Peter’s paranoia meds started to wear off and he became really nervous of what could be in the briefcase. He decided he would check it out in the airplane bathroom. While he was in line a Marshall asked him to open up the briefcase so he could see what was inside.   Once he snapped the case open Peter’s heart basically stopped. On the inside was a bomb; there was silence for a minute because the Marshall was trapped in a daze. The Marshall demanded he stop it and grabbed Peter. A million thoughts filled in Peter’s head before they heard the final ticks from the bomb.

The protagonist in my story is also the only character in the story that is there all the time. His name is Peter Malone, in the first paragraph I used 3 adjectives to describe him: curious, self-conscious, and shaky. The other characters in this were just in it for a scene...

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