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Peter Pan Vs Alice Essay

  • Submitted by: kidu04
  • on February 20, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Peter Pan Vs Alice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

These two books are funny, interesting, and fun to read. Both of the books were good. Alice in Wonderland was more interesting than Peter Pan.
Both of the books are fantasies. Alice goes to Wonderland and Peter Pan goes to Neverland. In both books they are going to have to fight a bad person. In both books they go to magical places. It is magical because the way they got there. Alice goes down a rabbit hole to Wonderland and she has to fight the queen of hearts. Peter Pan flies to Neverland and he has to fight Caption Hook.
In Alice in Wonderland there is one girl. In Peter Pan there are one boy and one girl. In Peter Pan they have to fight Caption Hook and the pirates. In Alice in Wonderland ,Alice has to fight the queen of hearts. The queen of hearts and Caption Hook are kind of the same because they both want to kill someone.
In both books the three main characters Peter Pan, Wendy, and Alice go to different worlds. Alice goes down a rabbit hole to get to Wonderland and Peter Pan and Wendy fly to get to Neverland. Both books have animals who talk. Alice in Wonderland has no dangerous animals, but talking one such as a crazy hare. Peter Pan has dangerous animals talking such as a crocodile. Both books have kids in them, Alice and Wendy are girls and Peter Pan is a boy. Alice has blonde hair and blue eyes. Wendy has brown hair and green eyes. Peter Pan has blondish hair and blue eyes.
Both of the books were fun to read. They were funny, interesting, and fun to read.
The issue of escapism is one of the principal themes in childhood's literature that depicts this psychological state as a way to escape the real world. The aim of the essay is to discuss the treatment of escapism in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll and Peter Pan by James Barrie. In Carroll's narration Alice escapes to illogical world, the Wonderland, where all things are different from the reality, while Peter Pan escapes to the place Neverland, where he manages not to grow up. Although the...

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