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Philo's Relevance Essay

  • Submitted by: greetmeet
  • on February 18, 2012
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“Philosophy is the art of rational thought. Every branch of knowledge depends upon rational thinking, but philosophy is unique in that the application of reason and logic becomes the very source of knowledge — whether employed critically, in the examination of the assumptions underlying a field of inquiry or belief system, or constructively in the search for necessary truths about the nature of reality itself.”-G. Klempner 1999

From this thought, you can make generalizations that the relevance of philosophy to higher education gears towards the benefits of a higher plane of inquiry and the ability to approach problems and situations and theories from a critical point of view. Developing critical, analytical and rational thinking will aid you greatly in your journey through the higher planes of education. To be a philosopher, all that is required is the capability to reason. Yet for philosophy to exist at all, something else is required, a faith that is not religious, but rational: faith in reason itself. 

Not only is philosophy greatly relevant to the inner workings of higher education, it is also highly prevalent in the field of Biology. In fact, there is a subfield of the Philosophy of Science called the Philosophy of Biology which deals with epistemological, metaphysical, and ethical issues in the biological and biomedical sciences.

The main body of this paper shall then be divided into two parts, each focusing on the two points which I seek to demonstrate and elaborate upon - the relevance of philosophy to higher education in general and more specifically, to the field of biology.


Though there are many different philosophical ideals that have sprung forth throughout the thousands of years of history, they all operate within a set manner that relies heavily on logical thought and valid reasoning. Without these, philosophy simply would not work. And as I will now demonstrate, many other processes or even daily life...

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