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Philosopy Essay

  • Submitted by: thomascatapano
  • on November 12, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Thomas Catapano
Professor Marino
Philosophy 14

Mark Jones Essay #2

Mark’s attorney has explained in detail; his entire background, including his dysfunctional family and cultural environment along with the many other problems he had to deal with.   According to Hard Determinism, these would be the definition of Marks compelling factors both intrinsic and extrinsic.   A hard determinist would argue that Mark would not be responsible for his actions because of the compelling factors that he was accustomed to. Although Mark was raised in such an harsh environment, had parents who spent little time with him, and was forced to survive on his own, I believe that there is still no excuse for his behavior.  
If I were a judge on this case, I would have to lean towards a Libertarian point of view.   Libertarians usually lean towards the idea that “Humans are in ultimate control with power to freely choose”. Although Mark was engaged in an environment and household where his life was a struggle everyday, and making unethical choices was the right thing to do, Mark still has the power to choose to not commit crime. Mark should have been able to decipher from good and bad, wrong and right, from the plain fact that he was aware where his choices would ultimately land him. He seen through his environment that those who made certain choices would pay the consequences and from that he should have been able to abide by the law.
If judges and society based their opinions based on the facts that drive hard determinists to argue their theory, then humans that were subject to such an environment and the type of parenting that Mark was accustomed to, could claim that for all there wrong doings. I am definitely aware that Mark was unfortunate and may have not known any different than would he was used to seeing, but as a human being you must be able to realize what is right and wrong. Humans must be able to live in society while at the same time behaving and making choices the...

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