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Phonics Essay

  • Submitted by: 20bre
  • on February 20, 2012
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The student I am using to teach these CD’s to is my twenty-three year old twin sister, the CD’s are neat to her because although she has already received her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. She says when she was doing her student teaching in her Kindergarten class, reading was an issue that a lot of the students struggled with. She stated, “I believe that this is a program that all students should go through when they are learning to read”.
When the student and I first began CD #1, we started out learning all the sounds of the alphabet which was an easy task for the student. The learning of the sounds can be a little confusing though because it makes it sound like that letters are more than just A,B,C because when you pronounce them it is Buh,cuh,duh, etc. The next exercises that we did were the blending of letters together to make different words. The definition of blend is to draw individual sounds together to pronounce a word. In the workbook on page 3 there are 4 different boxes with pictures in them and the student is to blend them together to make words. One of the words that the student is suppose to sound out and blend together is push, itch and gum which when the student combines the sounds together they are puh-i- guh which when blended together is the word pig.
The review game that is played at the end of the CD is a good game in making the learning of the sounds fun and teaching the students to learn the sounds of the words by looking at the picture and not just being able to memorize them in the alphabet order because I believe that this is where students are having a issue when it comes to reading because they are just taught how to say certain words and then when they come across a word that they do not know they have a time with being a to pronounce out the letters in the word because it is not something that they ever learned.   (This needs to be broken up into multiple sentences in order to provide clarity.)
The students states,...

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