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Photoelectric Effect Research Paper

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Photoelectric Effect Research Paper
The photoelectric effect is used by scientists to emit electrons of atoms. Even today, the discovery of this law leads us to universal discoveries of technology as well as within nature itself.
What is the purpose of the Photoelectric Effect?
In the photoelectric effect, electrons are emitted from metals, non-metals, gases or liquids to absorb energy from electromagnetic radiation of a very short wavelength (visible light or ultraviolet light). The photoelectric effect requires protons and electrons that contain energy from ‘electronvolts’ (unit of energy which is approximately 1.602 x 10-19).

(This image represents a metal receiving electromagnetic radiation and electrons being emitted from the metal)

The Early Studies of the Photoelectric Effect
In 1987, an English chemist named Heinrich Hertz attempted and experiments that led to the discovery of electromagnetic waves (light, microwaves, x-rays, TV and radio transmissions, infrared, ultra violet and gamma-rays). Hertz found that by shining an ultraviolet light onto metal electrodes, the electrons would then be ejected from metal.
In 1899, an English Physicist name J.J. Thompson showed that the ultraviolet light, after falling on a metal surface, set off an electron emission. This experiment showed that the electrons inside the atoms in a metal surface were actually shaken because the photoelectric effect actually shook the particles of the electric field of the ultraviolet waves that fell upon the metal surface.
In the early 1900’s, Max Planck started to observe the radiation of heated materials. After his observation of radiated atoms, he developed a new formula which showed accurate measurements of the spectrum of heat radiation. The result of this formula was so that the energy is always emitted in units called ‘quanta.’ Planck soon developed his own quantum theory, which is derived from a universal constant now known as ‘Planck’s constant’ (h; h=6.63*...

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