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Photography Essay

  • Submitted by: parkwayjess77
  • on September 19, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Potential directions
For my next image I want I skinny teenage girl representing a mental illness and using text photography in the picture for my first attempt at it.   I want a picture of a girls back looking into a mirror with her reflection showing just a slight bit and some form of text over the top. The irony of the model already being skinny and ‘wanting to be skinny’ shows the intensity of the mental illness anorexia.
Potential overlay text quotes-
I just want to be skinny
Parents have no idea what it’s like growing up in this generation

I really like the use of text photography and I want to try a different way to show a mental illness. I want to have a happy smiling girl looking perfect but with the caption ‘depressed’ over the top of her face, giving a different concept and look to the idea of depression. I wanted to do this idea because I thought that it would be a really good way to look at it in a different way.

Obsessive compulsive disorder
For a change I want to use the concept of colour in one of my images and I thought that OCD would be the perfect chance to use this. I decided that im going to use a mixture of colourful lollies and separate them in to grouping to match one another in separating tubs and having the models look really happy and pleased with everything being matched and clean and perfect. Im thinking of also having another image next to this and having all the lollies mixed up with the model looking really upset and angry to show different sides to the illness.
Final presentation
for weeks i had no idea how i wanted to present my final images, it was to confusing to come up with a creative way to present mental illness’s I thought that I could incorporate them with a brain figure in some form but I thought it would be more creative if I came up with a way to make it interactive. I was thinking of things that are involved in peoples life that have a mental illness, and the one thing that is involved...

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