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Pike by Ted Hughes Essay

  • Submitted by: KashimaK
  • on January 6, 2013
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Compare and contrast the poems "Horses" and "Pikes"

 In the poems "Horses" by Edwin Muir and "Pike" by Ted Hughes, the poets use poetic devices to convey their views towards the animal world and nature. Both poems possess central themes of animals and nature, although Edwin Muir incorporates a negative theme of industrialization and the repression of nature, while Ted Hughes maintains a more positive tone throughout the poem.

  At the beginning of the poem "Horses", the poet conveys his feelings towards animals and nature through his use of descriptive imagery such as "the lumbering horses in the steady plow, on the bare field".  The adjectives "lumbering" and "steady" describe the horses and the poet's views of how he believes nature is very permanent and unchangeable by humans, and also suggest his respect for nature and wish for it to remain unchanged.   In addition the word "bare" helps to convey the poet's awe and admiration towards the power of nature.

   Edwin Muir's reverence to the horses and nature is highlighted in the following quotation, and here the corruption of nature is also implied; he writes "their great hulks were seraphim of gold/like mute ecstatic monsters on the mould". The use of the word "seraphim" imbues the horses with a sense of godliness and holiness, indicating the poet's view of the horses and nature as beings needing to be respected.

The phrase "great hulks" suggests that, even though the horses are large and unwieldily, they are still intricate and delicate.   "Mute ecstatic monsters" introduces the theme of industrialization in the poem and how the beautiful and free nature is being suppressed by humans and machines.   The word "monsters" uses a metaphor to show the fear and imposing power of the machine, and also the poet's view that industrialization is turning the natural world into a distopia.   A "mould" is something used to make objects that are exactly the same as each other, and the poet uses the word to suggest...

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