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Plasma Membrane in the Atlantic Sea Essay

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Chapter 5

1. Plasma ________ encloses the cell and separates its contents from the surroundings.

2. A semi-fluid matrix called the _________ occupies the area between the nucleus and the plasma membrane.

3. All _____ contain a plasma membrane.

4. The cell theory states that all of the ________ on earth are individual cells or aggregates of cells.

5. The interior of eukaryotic cells contain numerous membrane-bound structures called ___________.

6. The _________ of a eukaryotic cell contains most of the cell's hereditary apparatus, which isolates it from the rest of the cell.

7. A distinctive feature of eukaryotes is the organization of their chromosomal DNA which is tightly packaged with proteins into a membrane-bound structure called a _______.

8. The delivery system of eukaryotic cells called the ______ complex can collect, package, modify, and transport molecules.

9. The _________ is not only responsible for the cell's shape and movement, but it also provides a scaffolding at certain locations of the cytoplasm for some enzymes and macromolecules.

10. ___________ is the generally accepted evolutionary process which created the organelles, chloroplasts, and mitochondria.

11. Even though they were similarly created by endosymbiosis, ___________ are important in respiration, while chloroplasts are involved in photosynthesis.

12. Many eukaryotic cells possess flagella or cilia, which have the characteristic ______ arrangement of microtubules.

13. Microfilaments such as actin, microtubules, and the intermediate filaments form the cell-supporting structure called the ______________.

14. As a cell’s size increases, the _____________ increases much more rapidly than its surface area.

15. Animal cells excrete glycoproteins outside of the plasma membrane to produce an __________________ which is directly linked to the cytoskeleton.

16. Small cells function more effectively, because as cells become larger their surface area to...

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