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Pol Pot Essay

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  • on August 9, 2015
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Hope. What is it, and can it really be achieved? With regards to a country that is ruled by a tyrant, this may not be the case. However, in some cases where countries were once ruled by tyrants and are now run either democratically, or under a less tyrannical leadership, the possibility does exist. There is a Dalai Lama quote that resonates with the struggles faced by citizens under a tyrannical rule, “For it is the inherent nature of all human beings to yearn for freedom, equality and dignity, and they have an equal right to that.” Unfortunately for the civilians of Phnom Penh and the people of Cambodia, this was not the case. Between the years of 1975 and 1979, Saloth Sar, also known as Pol Pot, came to power within Cambodia on the back of national, socialist ideologies. However, once in power, he resorted to tyrannical means to propose a regime based on extreme social ideologies, such as an extreme form of agrarian socialism, as well as forcing Cambodia back to what is referred to as “Year Zero”.

Pol Pot, born as Saloth Sar, was born on the 28th of May, 1928. He was educated in a Buddhist monastery, where he would then move on to a private catholic institution. From this, he went and enrolled at a technical school in the small town of Kompong Cham to learn carpentry. It was here that his ideologies had taken a solid form, which would in later years, lead him to become the tyrant known as Pol Pot. As he was doing his education with regards to carpentry, the French colonial policymakers were set to accelerate the development of a more diversified “polytechnic”, and ultimately, this enabled Saloth Sar in 1949 to get a government scholarship in radio and electrical technology in Paris. Whilst in Paris, he joined a small circle of left wing Cambodian students, and through this, he became an anti-colonist, and a Marxist radical. This showing where he's ideologies had spawned from, and how Saloth Sar was changed from the small village boy to the “soon-to-be” leader...

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