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Policy Recommendation Stux Net Essay

  • Submitted by: dajays98
  • on November 13, 2012
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Policy Recommendation for: Leon Panetta
From:   Lucas Lyons
Subject: Current Cyber Warfare and Unleashing the Second Green Revolution

Executive Summary
Though the Stuxnet, Duqu, and Flame virus’ exploits have been patched and their usefulness has been mitigated, they have gathered vast amounts of intelligence and slowed the Iranian nuclear program substantially over the past three years, giving us time to synthesize more creative and expansive cyber weapons to cripple the regime from a variety of angles.   Currently, our “Gauss” computer virus initiative is showing excellent progress in infiltrating the Iranian banking system.   Though pieces of this virus have been detected, our capabilities in their entirety have not.   Along with the economic sanction policies that have crippled the Iranian economy, the cyber defense unit proposes that unleashing Gauss virus’ capabilities will catalyze regime collapse from the inside. Furthermore, we propose funding for censorship free access to communication in the Iran can further stoke the flames of a second Green Revolution.

Overview of Cyber Programs:   The Iranian Nantanz nuclear power plant is estimated to hold 8,000 to 9,000 uranium enrichment centrifuges.   Functioning without interference, it was estimated that Iran would have already achieved breakout capability.   The Stuxnet virus has changed that timeline and damaged at least 1,000 of the centrifuges, according to intelligence estimates.   Using the DOD’s embedded intelligence officers we were able to infect computers and achieve success by physically uploading the virus via a USB stick onto target computers.   As stated in the executive summary, this exploit has now been patched.
Second, the Duqu and Flame viruses were both built and released strictly for espionage and for intelligence operations.   Duqu's purpose was to gather intelligence data and assets from entities such as industrial infrastructure and system manufacturers, amongst others not in the...

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