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Political Science Essay

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Mr. Carter
Global Issues
4 Oct. 2013
Midterm Essay
International Security has been threatened numerous times over the decades, but recently the threats seem to be abnormally high, due to outstanding issues in the Middle East. Iran has posed a conflict with the United States since the Revolution in 1979, but lately the conflicts have been drastically increasing. Recently, Syria has begun to cause problems between the United States due to its use of chemical weapons on people. Not to mention, the incredible threat Egypt raises caused by a strong presence of radical Islamic and Brotherhood groups in Egypt.
The United States has a long-standing concern over Iran’s nuclear programs, support for international terrorism, and human rights record. A nuclear-armed Iran is not something that can easily be secured. It would threaten the existence of Israel, the security of Gulf nations, and the balance of the global economy.   The United States will do what it must to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Thus resulting in a long-term threat to International Security, because Iran is capable of forming Nuclear weapons, which could be globally detrimental.
In recent news Syria has been a hot topic of debate. On August 21, 2013 the Ghouta Chemical Attack occurred during the Syrian Civil War. Areas of the Ghouta suburbs were struck by rockets containing sarin, a deadly nerve gas, which lead to the death of hundreds of people. The attack triggered a debate in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, as well as other countries about whether to intervene with military forces. As of right now, President Obama claims the United States is holding off from involvement in the Syrian Civil war, however this is subject to change. Syria does not pose an extremely dangerous threat to the United States, because our military forces and allies are far more advanced than Syria’s. Therefore, Syria is a short-term threat to the International Security, but that does not mean...

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