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Pollution Control Essay

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DATE                                             07 MARCH 2008  

Noise, commonly described as unwanted sound,   is   of major concern in the environment ,either domestically or industrial. This is because noise can damage people’s hearing mechanisms or can interfere with one’s enjoyment   peace and quiet of his home.   Noise should therefore be controlled.   Laws have been   enacted in relation to control of noise in order to protect the public   and people at work.
Noise control is based on the principle that for noise to be perceived there should be a source of acoustic energy,   the transmission path of that energy and the receiver.   Action taken on any of the three properties   should have an effect on the   amount of   sound reaching the ear.
These could either   be engineering controls,   administrative controls , or use of personal   protective   equipment.
In view of the above facts regarding noise , theories have been known in relation to noise attenuation. Some proven and put into practice. In this exercise we attempt   to determine what attenuation can be achieved   by increasing distance from source and also by enclosing the source of sound in an acoustic box .

  2. AIM

To explore the performance of   enclosures , and attenuation   through enclosure and distance from   source.

a )   An sound level meter with integrated frequency analyser   was used.   This is a   battery   operated portable instrument with a linear frequency response and when   the weighted switch is set to linear , it registers the total sound level in dB.   It has an octave band analyzer which will measure the levels at the nominal mid frequencies of 31.5   ;   63 ; 125; 250; 1000;   4000 ; 8000 Hz.   This is to give it a similar frequency response to   that of an ear.
b) hoover   to act as a point source of sound
c) acoustic   box
d) tape measure




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