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POSITION PAPER : General Motors’ AUTOnomy Project
We are familiar with the crisis of fuels as forecasted by the scientist. At some point of time there will be no fuel available to use, which in turn need alternative fuel to replace it. I support the point of GM for designing Hydrogen Powered vehicle which will be viable in contrast to gasoline powered automobiles. Also gasoline powered cars are noisy, vibrated, smelled and also emits lots of emission which is harmful to environment and effect Ozone layer. Hydrogen powers vehicles runs on hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity. Which means it produces zero emissions, and the car runs pollution free which is convenient to drive, smooth engine performance, enough space inside and viable with the present scenario of environment. Hydrogen powered vehicle has a great advantage over all kinds of gasoline engines, including hybrids. IT offers what all scientists want in a vehicle with regard to emissions.
General Motors’ AUTOnomy project is a perfect project for safety, good for environment, and high performance point of view. Moreover project will lower down the center of gravity, improving the ride, handling, and stability. It also allowed greater interior flexibility and enough space using drive-by-wire technology. There is also another side of this project in which performance level of hydrogen powered vehicle is less compared to gasoline powered vehicle. Pick up of hydrogen powered vehicle is lesser than gasoline powered vehicle which makes it impossible to use for longer trips and lack of supply of hydrogen fuel at fuel stations. GM should work on this scenario.
In order to compete with gasoline powered and ICE vehicles GM has to many possible futures for changing internal combustion of hydrogen for more safety perspective, but GM wondered where and how he should place his bets, I would suggests GM to really work on each possible future and build a model for testing it on roads. Also GM is spending too much...

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