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Position Paper

  • Submitted by: joybori
  • on October 19, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Psychological Issues:
Is Homosexuality Biologically Based?
PS101 Introduction to Psychology
Park University

Historically, we have to ask ourselves when and where the term homosexuality emerged.   As far back as the ancient Greeks, men were understood to be sexually attracted to both females and males.   However, it was the act of penetration that symbolized the role of dominance that men had over women and younger males.   This was considered taboo because if a man was having sexual intercourse with another man of his age, it would therefore lower his status to that of a woman’s.   The term homosexualitat, was first seen in the Germanic language and represents some of the earliest textual evidence of the title homosexuality.   Furthermore, once religion evolved into the form of a one-god belief, many different cultures across the world expressed homosexuality as either a normal sexual behavior or a sin.   As history unfolded, Catholicism ruled her iron hand across the Western frontier, and what was considered gay sexual behavior was forbidden within the text of the Bible.   Since the 1960’s, America has grown into an accepting and understanding country, allowing homosexuals to stand up for their beliefs and civil rights.   The research studies in this paper includes different positions on the dispute within our society presenting a scientific view versus a cultural view.
Keywords: homosexuality, science, history, gay

In today’s society, the question that we most commonly encounter is whether or not homosexuality is biologically based.   To begin answering this question, we must first break it down into different but relevant topics.   Homosexuality can be simply defined as the attraction to members of the same sex.   We must put aside our own thoughts or opinions to accurately assess the issue more scientifically.   Such strong psychological issues are constantly influenced by cultural preferences and must be evaluated by more than moral obligations.   At...

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