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Poverty Essay

  • Submitted by: cadamovsky
  • on February 18, 2012
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Curt Adamovsky
Eng. 111
Prof. Thomas

Poor Health- Consequences of Poverty

Children who grow up in families with low incomes are significantly more likely to experience a wide range of problems and poor developmental outcomes than children from wealthier families. The specific aspects of poverty that are most destructive, as well as the specific outcomes of poverty, vary across different ages and developmental levels. Persistent poverty can be particularly destructive for children, compared to short-term poverty. It is very important to recognize that different risk factors such as poverty, father absence, maternal depression, and low parental education are cumulative in their effects. Poor children experience more risks than do nonpoor children. Due to the accumulation of multiple risks in poor families, poor children are more vulnerable to further negative influences than are children from families with higher incomes. Economic stress interferes with positive, high- quality parent-child interactions. Children living in poor families are often isolated and/or painfully aware of the shame and stigma associated with poverty. Child development expects recognize the importance of positive self-esteem to healthy development. Of course, living in a poor family also increases the chances of living in a poor neighborhood with more exposure to violence and less social support for families than in other neighborhoods.
Poverty levels in the last decade has been said to be rising sharply. It has become quite a controversial subject amongst politicians. Poverty and the poor are quite controversial terms that are frequently used but are shaped by our beliefs and current opinion about the whys and wherefores of poverty. The effects of high unemployment, low pay and changes in the health and social system have forced the issue of poverty into the forefront of political agendas and media attention. Poverty and health are definitely linked and not only are the...

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