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Power and Authority Essay

  • Submitted by: dinadash
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: English
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Name: Dina Fouad ElDash       ID number: 900 120 597
Case study: Power and Authority applied to students whom strike at AUC  

According to Max Weber, in order to be powerful, you don’t only just have to owe resources, but you should be able to effectively use these resources in a way to reach your aspirations and targets. The AUC students were so confident of themselves to an extent to close the university gates and prohibit other students from entering to attend their classes, what do you think can make a group of undergraduate students (or should I call them a crowd) that powerful to take such a stroke with no hesitation or pause?   What are the resources or possessions that they used in turn to be authoritative?
There are three main resources they had; first and unquestionably their unity, the students at AUC were actually able to bond and amalgamate over a certain goal, leadership also played an important role, although I personally disagree with the closure of gates but I have to say that they united in a very organized way, there was only one leader whom everyone listened to and obeyed him in hard times which dropped off the certainty of any conflict or inconsistency. Also, their number gave them more confident and security about their situation because basically the university is all about its students, without students the college wont operate at all, the students held on to their importance in the university and actually were able to collect over 1700 signatures of students that agree on the strike and that made them more powerful. Thirdly and fundamentally, the education and knowledge they have. What I actually mean by ‘knowledge’ is the awareness and comprehension of a situation in addition to its consequences and effects, if it weren’t for the knowledge I have and, I would never know that I even have rights that I’m deprived from. These students were raised in a democratic environment that granted them with the freedom of expression, saying what...

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