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Power Electonics Assignment Essay

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Assignment Name: Power Electronics 6 to 10 question answers.

Assignment No: 01

Submitted to:

Name: Ariful Hoque
Dept: EETE
Course Name: Power Electronics
Course No: EETE-402

Submitted by:

Name: Sayad Muhammad Mahadi Hassan
Roll: 02
Dept.: EETE (Day)
Batch:   8th
Sem.: 9th
6. A battery having capacity 100Ah and charged 25%. If 10A load is connected of a circuit for (i) 2hrs (ii) 4hrs; what is the final condition of this battery in these cases?

Battery having capacity = 100Ah
Connected load current = 10A

For 25% charged = 100 x (25/100)
We know,
          Battery backup life = Battery capacity in Amp per hour/Load current in Amp per hour

Now for condition (i),
Then, load current = 10A x 2
Battery life = 25Ah/20A
    = 1.25 hours

Now for condition (ii),
Then, load current = 10A x 4
Battery life = 25Ah/40A
    = 0.625 hours
    = 37.5 min

Final condition:
    i) The Battery can be give 1.25 hours backup.
    ii) Battery 0.625 hours or 37.5 min backup.

7. What is biasing? Write down its significance?

Biasing: Biasing is a process of connecting DC voltage to a device by which we can select the operating point of the device. By biasing actually we select the operating point of the device.
Biasing is the way by which we can bring the semiconductor device from passive mode to active mode.

Significance of Biasing:
Linear circuits involving transistors typically require specific DC voltages and currents to operate correctly, which can be achieved using a biasing circuit. The need for careful biasing, consider a transistor amplifier. In linear amplifiers, a small input signal gives larger output signal without any change in shape (low distortion): the input signal causes the output signal to vary up and down about the Q-point in a manner strictly proportional to the input. However, because a transistor is nonlinear, the transistor amplifier only approximates linear operation....

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