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Power of One Novel Essay

  • Submitted by: deeznuts101
  • on September 22, 2012
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In the novel The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, heroism is expressed in many different ways and in different characters. According to the dictionary a hero is defined as “a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deed and noble qualities” (Webster). Forms of Heroism are expressed in ways such as, bravery, determination and intelligence. 
Peekay, the main character, shows heroism in many ways such as bravery. Peekay has to stand up to the Judge and many others when he was young at a boarding school. Peekay had to go through a lot of torture from the Judge and other kids, and he took it so well it shows bravery and the kind of person he is. Anyone who can go through torture such as that should be considered a brave hero. Hoppie showed bravery to Peekay by saying, “first with head, then with heart” (Courtenay, 103). This was a tip Hoppie, another boxer, gave to Peekay that helped him stay relaxed and brave when in a fight. Peekay can not only use Hoppie quote while in a fight, but also in his life. Peekay bravery showed how Peekay would be defined as a hero. 
Determination is shown in many different characters, but mainly in Peekay. For example, Peekay was determined to become an extravagant boxer just like Hoppie. He had to overcome many childhood fears that he had. He was determined to be a great boxer just like Hoppie. Determination brought Peekay to becoming the champion boxer of South Africa. 
Peekays intelligence was one of the main things that make him a hero. He is intelligent in a way that he overcame his oppression. Meaning he overcame his weakest points in life, his mental scaring. Peekay showed it by leaving a physical scar on the Judge. Peekay had to fight the Judge and by using his intelligence to overcome his weakest fear he crossed out the Judges Swastika tattoo and carved his initials and the British flag instead. Peekay knew that by doing this it would help him overcome his fear. He got back at the Judge and by standing up...

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