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Praise Song to My Mother Essay

  • Submitted by: kadelee123
  • on January 27, 2013
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In "songs of ourselves", one experiences an overwhelming feeling of nostalgic emotions and scenes that could relate to them in the particular section that focuses on childhood. This particular section revolves around many and various topics that bring the reader to relate to the life and process of aging, and remember their childhood from poems open to interpretation and contain so many meaning behind a mere phrase or word. From the poems studied so far, the most striking and the most relatable poem on a personal note would probably be "Praise Song For My Mother" by the poet Grace Nichols.

In Nichols' poem - a famous and a well-known one to many avid readers of poetry - one can feel the depth and strength of the poet's emotion in praising her mother and describing her role and stance in the Nichols' life. Anyone who considers their mother a leading and significant role in their life would completely understand the feel and tone of this poem, in addition to its simplicity in which one could see in the first stanza:

"You were

Water to me

Deep and bold and fathoming"

The structure and simplicity of the poem itself gives no need to much description; in a way it feels almost very maternal in itself. The gentle and flowing structure represents the gentleness of a mother herself and the gentleness of waves on the seashore - which in turn is something quite important as many say that the sound of the waves relax a person as it reminds them of being in their mother's womb.

In addition is the poet's description of sea creatures and sea life in the last stanza, bringing even more importance to the mother as Nichols describes the most vital part for either a fish or a crab "fishes red gill" and 'Crab's leg". In a personal opinion, this describes my own mother's importance to me; the way that as a child (especially a daughter) is close to their mother is one of the most vital things in life, and one always has a mother figure if it could not be their...

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