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Pre-Course Report

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Pepsi 1 is   a tokyo based development   company   and   a   subsidiary   of   BS   Holding.   PEPSIworks   closely   with   world   renowned   architecture   houses   and   has   designed   and completed     projects   with   great     acclaim;     Offering   clients integrated     and     turnkey   real     estate       solutions;   approaching   every   project   with   intuition and avant-garde   concepts   that   break   from   normality   and challenge     the   conventional to   bring   about   projects that   make   a   positive   impact   on   the   modern   metropolis   in which we   live   and   reflect   the   collective   expression of   an   international   society. Offering   turnkey   solutions   for     its   extraordinary Master   Planned Development,   Project   Management     &   Property   Management. PEPSIapproaches   each   project   with   the   right blend   of   innovation and in-tuition   to   create   timeless developments   on   the city’s new horizon.

Holding   a   degree of   Mechanical   Engineering   with     approximately 25   years   of   experiences   in   project   and   construction management, I   joined   the organization   on   Feb 2011   to   re strengthen and rolling the project management division and to be in   charged for   the   new   expected   projects   from   the   initial   design   stage   till   handing   over   stage. “Refer   to   the   attached chart   number   1   for   further   description”.

Service and Capabilities
PEPSI Project   Management   is   a   main   division   of   PEPSIInvestment   and   Development.   We   act   as   project     managers     for   a   significant   number   of   clients.   Professionalism   is   a   word   that   is   synonymous   to   our   service.   We   belief   the   value   of   PM   imple-mentation     can’t     be   calculated   in   terms   of   direct   savings   or   revenues,   but   as     positive   implications     on     business     and     consequent     activities.   Our     clients   expect     the   very     best     when     they     entrust   us     with     the...

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