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Prereading Essay

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  • on January 27, 2013
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The Development of Feudalism in Western Europe

2.2 Western Europe During the Middle Ages
2.3 Feudalism: Establishing Order
2.4 Monarchs During Feudal Times
2.5 Lords and Ladies During Feudal Times
2.6 Knights During Feudal Times
2.7 Peasants During Feudal Times

This will tell you about the system of feudalism.

Barbarian – a person belonging to a tribe or group that is considered uncivilized.   The rest of the continent was controlled by groups of people that the Roman called barbarians.
Christianity – the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.   Clovis also helped lead the Franks into Christianity.
Roman Catholic Church - the Christian church headed by the pope in Rome.   Clovis married a Christian woman, Clotilda, and eventually was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church
Pope – the bishop of Rome and supreme leader o the Roman Catholic Church.   Charlemagne built his empire with the help of a pope - Leo III, the leader of the Catholic Church in Rome.
Monarch – a ruler, such as a king or queen.   In theory, all the land in the kingdom belonged to the monarch (usually a king but sometimes a queen).
Fief – land granted by a lord to a vassal in exchange for loyalty and service.   The king kept some land for himself and gave fiefs, or grants of land, to his most important lords, who became his vassals.
Manor – a large estate, including farmland and villages, held by a lord.   Most lords and wealthier knights lived on manors, or large estates.
Divine right of kings – the belief that God gives monarchs the right to rule.   Most medieval monarchs believed in the divine right of kings, the idea that God had given them the right to rule.
Noble – a person of high rank by birth or title.   They had to rely on their vassals, especially noble, to provide enough knight and soldiers.
Duke – The highest type of European noble, ranking just below a prince.   William, the powerful Duke of Normandy (a part of present-day France), believed he had...

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