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President Politics Essay

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  • on November 12, 2012
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1.   Why is the Electoral College important and maintained in modern presidential elections?

          The Electoral College is a very important piece that continues to be maintained in modern presidential elections.   This was established in 1787 under the Constitution to prevent chaos and confusion when deciding who is President and Vice President of our country.

            Nate Silver view of the Electoral College in the 538 column as being a good tool to use because it prevents states from being the only factor to decide
who is president, while it also makes sure that the Farmers votes are valid as well. Them electoral college vote is what matters, because the citizens elected the electoral college member to vote for them.

          The electoral college is important and maintained because it eliminates one state from having more representations then states that have more population, this will make sure that each state is equal.   Another reason why it is important is because they did not want to make a mistake or vote for the wrong or bad president.

          Polsy states that the electoral college is important because it helps the smaller states, and every state.   The reason why it is important because with out this system the candidate will only campaign in the urban areas and the major cities and having the electoral college system makes all states equal no matter the population.

              2A. What can polls tells us?

        Polls tells us that it is a multimillion-dollar system used in today's presidential elections. Polsyby states that public opinion polls have been used in politics since 1930, but it wasn't as important than as it is today.   Polls also tells us how campaign for presidency is going. It also tells the campaigns to decide which states to contest fiercely and which states to ignore.   Polls can also tells us who goes to the polls based on race, age and demographic.

        Lichtman states, "that polls have...

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