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Price and Placing of Ceasars Palace Essay

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Current Place
Caesars Palace is known globally for their amazing reputation and endorsing activities for all ages. They currently position themselves using bases such as online sources and commercials. To enhance online experience and convenience for customers, Caesars Palace offers online reservations to some of their dining locations such as BOA Steakhouse. As well, they allow customers to book rooms to their suitability and their personal preferences. Using online resources works to their own benefit due to the fact that in today society technology has enhanced the businesses and consumers connect. As a potential customer having access to a low-learning website makes it simple and time efficient for time strived customers. Caesars Palace uses this to their advantage to bring in customers using online promotion and offers while attempting to target those who are; spontaneous, adventurous and are willing to spend money. Another method that Caesars Palace handles advertisements is by the use of commercials mainly broadcasted in the Unites States of America. These commercials feature their best attractions such as; dining, shopping, casino, golf course and bath & spa. Being located on the Las Vegas strip allows easy access to tourist’s sites. All of these contribute to the success of Caesars Palace and why they are one of the top hotels located in Las Vegas.

Current Pricing
General Pricing Approaches

Caesars Palace uses both Bundling and Yield Management pricing techniques. Caesars offers bundling packages to customers which allow them to choose what options suit their personal preferences. Some choices that are offered when choosing what options wanted in the bundled package may include dining, comedy, shopping, room deals, nightlife, flights and etc.   Yielding Management Pricing depend on the given time or day of purchase for consumers such as room prices.   These are two types of general approaches that Caesars Palace hotel uses to their benefit....

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