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Primal Branding Essay

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1. Introduction

Patrick Hanlon`s Primal Branding is an excellent guide into the world of modern day branding. As the marketing world around us is constantly changing and evolving through the uses of platforms such as social media, Primal Branding delves into the very soul of branding and exposes the core elements of making a not only recognized but also a memorable and lasting brand.   Patrick Hanlon bases the foundation of his findings on the idea that a brand is actually a belief system that consist of trust, relevance, vision, values and leadership. The primal code of branding then is meant to create organizations, products and services that people can believe in, thus being able to create a “culture of belief” in the brand.
In this summary of Patrick Hanlon`s Primal Branding, the main points will be analyzed in order to portray and guide the reader through the key points of having a brand that customers will believe in and thus having a long lasting, respectable, memorable and profitable brand.

“Primal branding is an idea that can be scrawled on a matchbook cover. It boils down to the fact that brands are belief systems. Once you think of a brand as a belief system, you automatically get all the things that enterprise spends billions of dollars trying to obtain: trust, relevance, vision, values, leadership.”

Patrick Hanlon

2. Going Primal
What really is a brand? For the purpose of explaining what it is we need to define the term “brand” as “any product, service, personality, organization, social cause, political ideology, religion, movement or other entity searching for popular belief”1.   To better understand the makings of a brand, Patrick Hanlon introduces the reader to the concept of a brand. Thirty years ago a brand was more than “just a superficial hot-iron I.D. on a cattle hide it was a product or company that the consumer felt something about”2, today nearly every company, or product considers itself a brand. Every year hundreds of...

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