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Private Lives Of Politicians Essay

  • Submitted by: MissGoody
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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The Private Life of Politicians is No Business of the Public.

Honorable Judges, Mr. Moderator, my worthy opponents, ladies and gentlemen, students, a pleasant good afternoon to you. The topic presented here this afternoon states, “The private life of politicians is no business of the public,” is a highly debatable issue in every thriving democracy but I stand firm footed in my belief and many will agree that such statement is absolutely inaccurate. My colleague and I are here to prove to you using sound evidence that we agree with such statement.
Let me first begin by defining one of the keep terms in this statement. According to dictionary.com, the word private as it relates to one’s life is synonymous to word confidential, which refers to “the social life or personal relationship of an individual which is peculiar to oneself and not the intrusion by others. While privacy involves the protection of information about an individual that he or she is entitled to control, personal activities that should not be known, observed or intruded upon with his or her consent. Note my most worthy opponents the definition and I stress on the word individual and we most certainly can all agree that a Politician is and individual just as everyone else.   The most common justification of the above claim evokes the right of privacy that all citizens should possess.
In today’s society we see that our politician’s private life is more important to us that the constitution that governs our life. While many citizens know nothing about the constitution and its contents, they know a chuck of gossip about politicians. While we are not concerned about taxes we are ready to tune on to the various radio stations to listen to the next issue as it relates to politicians.
I stand firmly of the view that what we do in our private lives is our business and the same can be applied to politicians as longs as it doesn’t infringe on the lives of citizens. My colleague and I believe that denying...

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