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Ch 4 Problem 6
Construct a list of steps for making a cash withdrawal from an automated teller machine (ATM).
Assume that the process begins at the ATM with your bank card in hand. Then identify the potential failure points.
Step 1
Insert your ATM card into the machine. There is usually an illuminated slit that indicates where to insert the card. Failure point, machine will not read the card… problem damage ATM Card
Step 2
Enter your pin number.   Failure point (Problem forgot Pin number)
Step 3
Select the account you want the money to be withdrawn from .If you have more than one account.
Step 4
Enter the amount of money that you wish to withdraw and hit enter. Failure Point Problem not enough money in the account to make a withdrawal.
Step 5
Select yes if you wish to receive a receipt with the transaction
Step 6
Select yes or no if that complete the transaction.
Step 7
Retrieve Bank card from the slit . Failure Point Problem forget card in machine.
Step 8
Collect money from the teller machine dispenser slot.
Step 9
Collect receipt.

Ch 4 Problem 7
Refer to Fig 4.4. What two technical requirements have the highest impact on the customer requirement that the paper not tear.   Type of Paper and Internal Paper feed
b. Decide if any of the technical requirements relate to each customer requirement. Decide which technical requirement if any has the greatest impact on that customer requirement.
Paper doesn’t wrinkle relate to the internal paper feed.
Prints clearly relates to the print element.
The print element would have the greatest impact on customer requirement,   because if the machine doesn’t   print or a person can’t read the product, then the operation is failure because the customer was unable to receive a service or good.

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