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Problem Solving and Decision Making Essay

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Much of what managers do is solve problems and make decisions.   Decision-making is a key role of a manager and leader.   Some managers find this to be one of the most difficult tasks to perform.   They have a fear of failure, and procrastinate mainly because they have a lack of a structured approach.   One of two things usually happens, they either put off making the decision in the hopes that someone else will bail them out, or even worse, make a decision using a knee jerk reaction.

It is best to think of making a decision, as drawing a line between two points.   If you can’t draw a straight line between the two points, then that decision should most likely be rejected.   When the line goes off into tangents, there might not be a realistic link between the proposed action and outcome.

New managers often try to solve problems and make decisions by reacting to them before they fully understand all of the possible factors.   They feel that the quickness of a decision is more important than the long-term outcome.   There are times when a quick decision is needed, such as dealing with a violent act in the workplace.   However, most decisions are not needed immediately and you do in fact have the time to make the right decision.   That is the key, making the right decision.   Just be careful to not let decisions accumulate, or else you will have a backlog of both small and complex decisions to make.   You need to find the perfect balance of knowing when to make quick and easy decisions on the fly, and when to take time with the complex decisions.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss or upper management about major problems or needs that concern you.   You do not want to be known as a manager who “keeps secrets” because you are scared of the possible repercussions.   It is better to be upfront and honest, while at the same time showing you are diligently working on the resolution.   You may even find yourself working with other department managers to rectify issues...

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