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Process Essay

  • Submitted by: ozgerawlins
  • on September 21, 2012
  • Category: English
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Ozge Rawlins
Julia Stickel
English 101
September 19 2012
Cookie and Peach Dessert

Peach cookies, the Turkish traditional dessert, are the most amazing dessert ever. It is unknown where they came from or who invented they, but every Turkish family knows how to make them. Every Turkish child impatiently waits for any special occasion or holiday to eat this dessert. They are delicious and easy to make, and all the Turkish teenagers learn how to make from from their mothers or grandmothers.  
In order to make this delicious dessert you need the following ingredients: a lemon, Ulker biscuit, canned peaches, canned milk, and caramel. Ulker biscuits and caramel can be found at any international market in Las Vegas; also Mexican Maria cookies will work as well. The dessert takes about an hour to make and a day to serve.   It depends on the platter size to figure out how much of each ingredient you will need to use.
You just have to follow the following simple steps: first you should pour two cans of caramel; one can of milk with a bit of the juice from canned peaches, and half of a lemon in the blender. This mix is going to soften up the cookies and give them an amazing flavor.
Then you have to mix everything together; in fact it is recommended to buy canned sliced peaches. Also when you open the can, do not empty the juice from the peaches; you will use it later. Next choose a cake platter that is not flat, pour some of the peach juice in the center of the platter.  
Afterwards start putting the cookies in a single layer on the platter. Over the juice pour the mixture over the cookies for the second layer. Make sure not to use too much of the mix; it should be just enough to cover every cookie. Then add several peaches on top of the mixture. Continue layering with the same pattern till the platter is filled to the top. Do not forget the pattern:   a layer of cookies, a layer of mix and peaches.
Finally cover the platter with a sheet of aluminum foil and put it in the...

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