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Process Needed for Planned Change Essay

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Process Needed for Planned Change
Organizational Behavior BUS 306
May 2, 2011

The purpose of this paper is to identify the forces of change within the organization.   In attempting to deal with these forces, companies plan and implement changes. Overcoming changes can be challenging and must be managed appropriately so corporations can deal with the fears it creates among employees.   I will relate these issues to my own encounters with change in my current place of employment.
Organizational structures today face many changes in our turbulent economic situation.   These changes are driven by six specific forces according to our text “Organizational Behavioral”. The six forces are identified on page 619, of the text.   The nature of the work force in today’s society is the first stimulant on this list.   A workforce consisting of aging population, culturally diverse individuals, as well as many new entrants with inadequate skills create this driving force. (page 619)   Technologies and social changes are also included on this list.   Competition has grown due to mergers, consolidations, e-commerce and global competitors.   World politics and economic shocks are the last of the six forces driving change that are listed in Organizational Behavior. (page 619-620)
If companies do not take the bull by the horns so to speak, change will occur nevertheless and firms will falters.   Therefore, many organizations plan changes within their structure to survive these driving forces.     When change is planned it is intentionally directed towards a goal. The goals of planned changes are to seek improvement in the organizations ability to adapt to the environment. (page 621)   When organizations create changes, employees are often resistant, and this resistance may surface in overt, implicit, immediate or deferred reactions. (page 622) Resistance can surface weeks, months, or even years after changes have occurred.   Immediate reactions include complaints, strikes...

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