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Processing Learning Essay

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B 13 NIAR, Nathaniel C. 10-C 08 JUN 2015
Activity: Processing Learning

Evidences are very significant to those people who are related to Science. Often, they tend to find some evidences before they conclude an experiment or a theory. Our conclusions are not easy to get. A scientific research must be done first before we conclude. The conclusions must be based by the evidences. Assuming that in one research the gathered data are insufficient and/or unreliable, so does the conclusion. This makes the person so senseless. And if not, dumb? Once a researcher gathers enough data, hence, conclusions can be made. When conclusions are made, consider your evidences, whether they are sufficient, reliable and dependable. When any of those qualities mentioned are being hit by your evidence, surely your conclusion is a good one.
Jumping into conclusions is often done today. For me, it is being bias, knowing that we can ask or inquire a person why we have this result. It seemed a challenge for all to inquire everything before jumping into conclusion. Let us be mindful of how we take things. As many will say, “Think seven times before you decide”. This concept might be applied in jumping into conclusions. Let us never broadcast our conclusion if we are not sure of it.   This may cause harm to those whom you’ve jumped conclusions. It is way to pathetic if you know that a theory is a mistake which is scientifically proven and still no conclusions are made.
There are a lot of prejudices that come along when we formulate a conclusion. One of which is the Religion. As Catholics, we believe that the Almighty created the Universe. And scientists believed in the Big Bang Theory which states that the Universe is billions of years old already. What to believe? As a Catholic, the context of the Bible and the beliefs of Science are inseparable. Another thing is the superstitious beliefs of the quack doctors. Most of them believe in the power of herbs and plants which aren’t...

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