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Product Cycle Essay

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2) Cite two examples of products that you think are currently in each of the product life-cycle stages. Consider service as well as physical goods.
Market Introduction:   H2go Delta Filter Bottle
                                    Google Chromebook        
Market Growth: Garcia Cambogia
                            Portable speakers
Market Maturity: Blenders/Juicers
Sales Decline: Real Estate
                        Personal computers

5) Discuss the life cycle of a product in terms of probable impact on a manufacturer’s marketing mix. Illustrate using personal computers
In the introduction cycle of personal computers, the manufacturer tries to raise awareness of the product. In this stage the 4 P’s of the marketing mix is established this way:
The product is established as one of good quality, creates a trademark.
Pricing maybe low to break into the market, use as strategy to catch target market attentions. (Low but high enough to cover production cost).
Places for the personal computers may be selective in this stage until loyalty or acceptance of it is shown.
Promotion is aimed at potential consumers; marketing will try to bring awareness of the pc to them.
At this stage they attract competition offering the same thing, they must build their brand preference.
Product: quality is maintained and may add other services, like customer service.
Pricing: Remains the same as demand increases.
Place: As demand increases locations they are being offered at is increased. Possible wholesalers, retailers.
Promotion: Aimed at a wider audience
At this stage Pc’s aim is to maintain market status and maximize profits.
Product: it’s developed, offers new features to separate itself from the competition.
Pricing: May lower because of the competition.
Place: Concentrate on a single area and may try to create offers that help convince companies to carry their pc over others.
Promotion: Really harps on...

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