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Production Technology(Upstream) Essay

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1. Introduction
This chapter covers the production technology aspect of Berlian East Field field. Studies and reviews comprising the aspect from bottomhole up to the wellhead are included in this section. The well completion design focus on tubing selection, material selection and down hole equipment.

The main objectives of the production technology design are to:

 Provide a safe and effective design of a well completion for all producers.
 Maintain well integrity during the production life while maximizing the recovery.
 Allow future intervention and recompletion for any production enhancement activities.

2. Sand Control Strategies
2.1 Sand Condition Analysis
Based on the well test result for BE 1, BE 3 and BE 4, sand production traces can be observed at surface with a maximum drawdown of 278 psi, 400 psi and 660 psi respectively. Although there is no severe sand production in the sample, high drag force due to high water cut is expected to cause near-wellbore sand grain migration. Therefore, sand exclusion is proposed for all completions.

2.2 Sand Production on Water Injection
Since sand production problems are predicted(unconsolidated sand formation) for BE field, downhole sand control is required to all water injectors planned. Based on the previous lessons, there is a SPE to explain the lesson learnt.
In the SPE paper 64297 written by Statoil Norway, the operator having extreme losses of injectivity over short period of time from a series of water injectors concluded that:
  * There is a relationship between well shut-in and injectivity losses, in which under no flow conditions corresponding to shut-in periods, the rock around the well is too weak to sustain the stress, hence failed.
  * The permeability heterogeneity of the formations causing cross-flow during shut-in periods, hence allowing sands to be produced especially across the perforated interval.
  * The particles that are unable to settle in...

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