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Programs Assembly 8085 Essay

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      To write an assembly language program that finds the average of N numbers and execute the program using 8085 microprocessor kit.


      8085 microprocessor kit, power supply.


STEP 1: Load HL register pair with a memory pointer.
STEP 2: Get the count to B register and clear accumulator.
STEP 3: Push the count to stack pointer.
STEP 4: Increment memory pointer.
STEP 5: Add the content of memory location to accumulator.
STEP 6: If carry results increment D register.
STEP 7: Decrement count. If it is not zero go to STEP 4.
STEP 8: Else move the sum to E register.
STEP 9: Get the count from stack pointer.
STEP10: subtract the count from sum(content of DE pair).
STEP11:If the subtraction results a carry add the count to the result and get the remainder
STEP12: Otherwise increment B register content and go to STEP10.
STEP 13: Store the quotient and remainder in successive memory location.


|MEMORY LOATION           |MAHINE CODE               |LABEL                     |MNEMONICS               |COMMENTS                         |
|4100                     |21,00,42                 |                         |LXI   H, 4200           |Initialize HL register pair with |
|                         |                         |                         |                         |memory pointer                   |
|4103                     |46                       |                         |MOV   B,M                 |Transfer the memory content to B |
|                         |                         |                         |                         |register                         |
|4104                     |C5                       |                         |PUSH B                   |Push the content of B register to|
|                         |                         |                         |                         |stack pointer                     |

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