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Progress Essay

  • Submitted by: Anthonyvietro1
  • on October 17, 2013
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Anthony Vietro
Writing 2
David Brennan
September 23, 2013

Progress is good
Progress is good for many reasons because it is convenient in our lives and   makes positive effects on the world.   Progress brings convenience to our lives because it makes our life a lot easier. We can do things in a shorter time and much more efficiently. To illustrate this, the developments in science and technology which make transportation seem so easy and convenient. In Chicago, when I visited a decade ago I went from the airport to the city center with in no time in a train. It is convenient for people who need get from the south side to north side of Chicago in a short time. Therefore, this clearly shows that progress brings convenience to human lives. Next, progress creates positive effects in the world. Progress makes changes in almost every area in the world. Without progress we would have lived in the same way that cavemen did in the past. To show this, the world today is a product of the progress of the past. For example, progress in medicine leads to vaccination which protects people from getting infection or diseases. For example, people in the United States got a chickenpox vaccination so they can lower risk of getting chickenpox virus or shingles.   Due to this progress, the death rate has been decreasing steadily. At this very moment in time, many people around the world suffer from getting sexually transmitted infections and surely the progress in medicine will bring the solution to this problem. Therefore, progress has a positive effect on the world. In conclusion, I agree that progress is always good because progress brings convenience to our lives and progress creates positive impact in the world.

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