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Project 1 Essay

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Project 1
Personnal Reflection

Q: What makes a good role model and how would i ensure that I acted as a role model for employees I supervise?
A: a good role model is a father figure, caring and protective yet educational and just. Beeing such it is essential that a role model always is ahead of leading by example and not beeing afraid of getting dirty. Never ask for things that you wouldn't be prepaired or haven't already done yourself!

Q: What are the traits of an effective leader? Do I have these traits? How would I develop these traits?
A: Make sure everything you expect your employees to do, they have already seen you doing it in the first place! Yes I have those traits, and I never stop developing them by trying to be better thab anyone else in my demands!

Q: How would ensure that my work goals and plan reflect the organisations goals and plan?
A: ...by staying focused on the job at hand and reminding myself that my plan should serve my employer and not my persona. There is no place for selfish individuals in this business!

Q: How would I ensure that I meet my job responsibilities?
A: I would always keep in mind and evaluate what is expected of me and measure in what degree i have met my job criteria, according to myself and the expectasions that have been set to me.

Q: How would i measure and maintain my personal performance?
A: ...by setting goals in every aspect and line of my appointed task. I would measure my perfomance by those goals and critize myself.

Q: How would I prioritize work?
A: Through the ultimate goal set by my superior, by the demands to get there.

Q: How would I use technology to organise and manage my work?
A: In the most effective way that could be of assistance to achieve my goal.

Q: How would I ensure tha I maintained a work/life balance?
A: ...by trying to keep things in an even scale. Balancing out my working hours with my lifestyle needs.

Q: How would I ensure that my personal knowledge and skills...

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