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Project 1 - Corrections Timeline 1920’s Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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Project 1 - Corrections Timeline 1920’s

Treatment and Punishment of offenders in 1920’s

Progressive era was to provide guidance; friendship and assistances to the offenders. The progressive thought it was necessary to know the offenders life history and then have a devise treatment program specific to that individual. They would need the discretion to diagnose each criminal prescribe treatment and release to the community. electric chair to be used to execute inmates sentenced to death. Lawmakers consider the electric chair a more humane method of execution than public hanging, which took place in the yards of county courthouses. Hanging was a complex procedure, and miscalculations in the person's weight or choice of rope sometimes resulted in decapitation.
Secure Holding and/or Monitoring of Offenders 1920’s
The progressive fought for changes in correctional methods. They pursued two main strategies 1. Improve condition in social environments. That seemed to breeding grounds for crime 2. Rehabilitate individual offenders they thought. The progressive had succeeded in gaining wide acceptance of four portion of their probation, indeterminate sentences, parole and juvenile.
Alternatives to Incarceration in 1920s
Probation was the alternative to incarceration fitted nicely into the progress scheme in the mid 1920s. For it recognized individual differences and allowed offenders to be treated in the community under supervision.

Project 1- Corrections Timeline
Description, if at all, the correctional practices of the era influenced the correctional system and related policies in effect today.

The correctional practices of the era influenced the correctional system and related policies in effect today by in 1800s John Augustus develops the concept of probation, also developing the concept of parole.1920s the progressive were criticized probation, indeterminate sentences and parole remain dominant element of corrections to this day. Electric chair...

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