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Project Team Creation Essay

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Project Team Creation

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor is a project accomplished in one day. A successful project is the calculated mixtures of time, budgets, scopes, etc. in the successful mix. However, the project can’t be accomplished without project team members. The team members are the backbone and the framework of the project, and the foundation of the project must be strong in order for the project to be successful.
The selection of team members is done carefully while considering many criterions. The skillfulness of a person is believed to be the most important asset for a person and the only thing looked at in order to be selected as a project team member. However contrary to popular belief, one’s skill sets aren’t the only criterion. A person must be able to work with others well and each person must have a unique asset that each person contributes to the group. The evaluation of a person for a project team is determined by:
  1. Being able to work in groups
  2. Having unique and common skills
  3. Being an effective communicator
  4. Being an effective writer
  5. Being able to work well under a project leader
  6. Being able to work under a time limit
There are the six main criterion used by employers to hire project team members. Nowadays different gender and different races of people come together to create a successful project team. Before a team is ready for a project, the project team must be fully collaborative and must act like one entity – a team. To create such an entity requires the use of effective team building strategies. The five C’s of team building are important concepts to keep in mind (The Smart Institute, 2011). The five C’s of team building are:
  1. Clear Expectations – Each member of the team must clearly know what the expectation is for him or her from the business. When each and every member knows what the expectations are towards him/her, he/she feels that he/she has an important and fixed role...

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