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Provide Support for Mobility Hsc 2002 Essay

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  • on January 6, 2013
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Provide support for Mobility
HSC 2002

Understand the importance of mobility.

1.1   The definition of mobility is according to the dictionary is the ability to move independently. To me the definition of mobility would be being able to have control and use of my limbs and would lean towards the walking aspect of mobility – to be mobile makes me think of walking and being able to drive, not be restricted in my movement or ability to get around go to the shops when I feel like or visit family members and of course work!

1.2   There are different health conditions that may effect and be effected by mobility these are as follows:

Operations - When a person has an operation they are usually told to rest, how long depends on the severity of the operation and which part of the body is effected. The patient/individual/service user may also experience quite a lot of pain which will and can effect mobility. When your in a lot of pain you cant move around like you could if you were pain free, the same can be said for a person with stitches as you don't want to exert too much pressure on the area that has been stitched. There is also the pain medication to take into consideration, there are lots of pain medications that can cause drowsiness along with other side effects, Its not advised to drive whilst on these types of medication and that would also include the use of a mobility scooter.

Amputation – This can quite obviously effect mobility especially if the limb(s) amputated are a leg or legs. There are options to have artificial legs/limbs but they don't work in the way that a real leg would. I care for a lady that has an amputated leg and chooses not to use an artificial one she instead uses a wheelchair and needs assistance with personal care. Her centre of gravity has shifted and she cannot support herself. She experiences   difficulties in mobility everyday, especially since now she has a fractured wrist after a recent fall.

Fractured and broken bones...

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