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Psi Report

  • Submitted by: arroyoj1
  • on September 19, 2012
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State of Vermont
Agency of Human Services
Department of Corrections
Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Reports
1 of 17
# 342.01
Supersedes #342, dated 4/2/1992; #342.01, dated 4/10/1992; and #342.02 dated 01/21/2000
Attachments, Forms & Companion Documents:
1. Pre-sentence Investigation Report Format
2. Sex Offender Pre-sentence Investigation Report Format
3. Treatment and/or Assessment Release Letter Format for Sex Offenders
Local Procedure(s) Required: No
Applicability: All staff (including contractors and volunteers)
Security Level: ”B”- Anyone may have access to this document.
______________________________ March 22, 2007 April 9, 2007
Robert D. Hofmann, Commissioner Date Signed Date Effective
The purpose of this administrative directive is to establish standards for the format and best practices in the preparation of all types of pre-sentence investigation (PSI) reports, and to identify which correctional staff may conduct a PSI and the training required before staff may conduct a PSI.
It is the policy of the Vermont Department of Corrections to produce pre-sentence investigation reports which provide timely, relevant, and accurate information to enable the Court to make informed sentencing decisions and to assist the Department in the classification process.
28 V.S.A. §§ 202, 204. V.R.Cr.P 32 (c). American Correctional Association, Standards for Adult Probation and Parole Field Services, 3rd Edition, August 1998, Standards 3-3211, 3-3212, 3-3213, 3-3214, 3-3215, 3-3216, 3-3218, 3-3219, 3-3220, 3-3221, 3-3222, 3-3223, 3-3224, 3-3225, 3-3226, 3-3227.
LSI- R (Level of Service Inventory-Revised): An objective, quantifiable instrument that provides a consistent and valid method of predicting risk to re-offend and a reliable
PSI #342.01 Page 2 of 17 Effective April 9, 2007
means of measuring offender change over time through...

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