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Psy/201 Foundations of Psychology Essay

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  • on August 22, 2015
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For Betty it may be difficult being away from her mother. Because her mother, was who she lived with and did not talk to her father very often. Being alone at college may remind Betty of being abandoned by her father. This may cause her trouble being alone for the first time. It is difficult for one parent to give a child all the attention and support they need by themselves. This could mean Betty didn’t have all the support and attention as a child, leaving her insecure. On page 514 Carter and Seifert explain a study by Carl Rogers (Rogers, 1989) “which suggested that besides food, water, and shelter, humans have a need for positive regard, a sense of being loved and respected. At some point, we also develop positive self-regard, which is a kind of grow-your-own version of positive regard. You develop positive self-regard through the positive regard you get from others” (Carter, Seifert). It is important for Betty to focus on her emotions so she can control her mood and attitude for her motivation, while in college. On page 330 Carter and Seifert talk about “Achievement test, a measure of what is already known or learned, as the outcome of education” (Carter, Seifert 2014). This test would help Betty in knowing what direction she needed to go in her college future. Helping her recognize her strong areas and weaker areas. The group aptitude test would give Betty information also for further training and education. It would be a positive move for Betty to travel. By changing her environment this could help her overcome her abandonment issues from her past. Carter and Seifert explain on page 343 how “Environmental influence a factor in the social, cultural, physical, or family setting that may influence an individual”. (Carter, Seifert, 2014).

Seifert, C. (2013). Learn Psycology. In S. Carter. Burlington, MA:: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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