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Psy 240 Week 3 Checkpoint, Brain Studies Main One Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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PSY 240 Week 3 Checkpoint

This presentation will focus on the various biopsychological methods of brain research.   These methods will include: stereotaxic surgery, lesion, stimulation, and recording methods, pharmacological methods, selective chemical lesions, brain imaging, and genetic engineering.  
Stereotaxic surgery is a method of three-dimensional brain surgery.   It allows scientists to implant an experimental device within the depths of the brain.
*Step 1: a target site is chosen within the brain.  
*Step 2: a small hole is drilled within the skull and the brain.
*Step 3: an electrode is then inserted into the brain and secured into position using stainless steel screws and dental acrylic (Pinel, 2007).  
In order to perform stereotaxic surgery a stereotaxic atlas and a stereotaxic instrument are required.   These two items are the key to successful stereotaxic surgery.   The stereotaxic atlas is necessary to locate various structures of the brain.   As mentioned before, the brain is three-dimensional, so each dimension has it’s own stereotaxic atlas.   The stereotaxic instrument consists of two main parts: the head holder and the electrode holder.   The head holder is used to keep the brain in a precise position while performing the stereotaxic surgery.   The electrode holder contains the device that is intended to be inserted in the brain.   The electrode holder has special gears that allow it to move through the three dimensions of the brain: anterior–posterior, dorsal–ventral, and lateral–medial (Pinel, 2007).

Lesion, Stimulation, and Recording Methods are three important methods of brain study.   Typically these methods of brain study are not performed on humans, although there are rare cases in which such methods have been performed on humans.   The lesion method is administered by “destroying” a certain structure within the brain and then assessing the subjects behavior after the damage has been inflicted.   Typically, these brain lesions are made...

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