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Psy 270 Depression Quiz Essay

  • Submitted by: janeau342000
  • on September 19, 2012
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Depression Quiz
Charlene Janeau


        Many people in our society suffer with some form of disorder or another from; personality disorders, to psychological disorders, eating disorders, sleeping disorders and even the way one processes thoughts. Mood disorders are amongst one of the highest ranking around. Mood disorders affect almost forty-four million Americans every year, making mood disorders one of the most common health issues in the United States (National Mental Health Information Center, 2008).   Depression is a mood disorder characterized by ongoing feelings of sadness and hopelessness.   Many people suffer from depression in either mild or severe forms. Bipolar disorder and unipolar depression are two major mood disorders that will be discussed in this paper.   Depression plays a key role in both disorders; in this paper we will examine key factors that make the difference between the two.


Unipolar Depression
In our daily day to day lives we experience stress or have experienced a traumatic event at one point or another. Work hassles, traffic jams, family problems, childhood trauma, romantic relationships, terrorist attacks, or the death of a loved one, and the list goes on and on. Theses events take a toll on us causing one to experience different levels of stress or depression according to each individual’s level or tolerance.” Around 17 percent of all adults in the world may experience an episode of severe unipolar depression at some point in their lives (Comer, 2005, p. 194).”   Traumatic or stressful events are usually the onset of unipolar depression.   There are five different levels that can contribute to the cause of Unipolar Depression: emotional, motivational, behavioral, cognitive, and physical.   Emotional symptoms produce feelings of sadness, anger, or even humiliation.   Motivation symptoms cause people...

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