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Psy 360 Wk5 Language As It Relates To Cogniyion Essay

  • Submitted by: amyd2117
  • on February 19, 2012
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Language as it Relates to cognition
Amy LeTellier
June 25, 2011
Kelly Carroll

Language as it Relates to cognition
This paper will analyze, define or describe language and lexicon, key features of language, the four levels of language structure and processing, and lastly the role of language processing in cognitive psychology. Understanding these features will tie together language as it relates to cognition.
Language is recognized as a person’s way of transmitting feelings, which would include a combination of thoughts and signals which can be thought of in random order. The signals can include written symbols, gestures and vocal sounds. In order for this system to work there must be well established rules used by a society or group. Some of these rules can contrast with dialects within one given language. Language by this set of details is considered to be used only by humans. Although other animals; such as dolphins and apes, have sophisticated communication, but none make use of all the properties that linguists use to define language.
Lexicon is another part of language that is a collection of words. An internalized dictionary that every speaker of the language has in their mind. (Nordquist, 2011) It could also be described as a collection of definitions used in any given professional’s subject or style. Examples of two different lexicons are two waiters at a restaurant use a set of lexicons and two flight attends use another set of lexicons but the end result is basically the same which is to serve the client and make them happy and comfortable. Another great example of this lexicon is the term “free will”. This expression can be interpreted by saying a person did what they wanted and did it their way.   Some professional linguistics simply says it is a mental dictionary that all people have. Linguistics researchers are not exactly in agreement on what the lexicon is and know even less about what it does. So language and lexicon go together...

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