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Psy490, Week 3 Ethics Awareness Inventory Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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Ethics Awareness Inventory
Angie Downs
John Papazafiropoulos
December 6, 2012

Ethics Awareness Inventory
Ethics is a philosophy that deals with morality (separating human actions from right and wrong), which refers to one’s personality and integrity (Sitterly, 2005). People have different perspectives on ethics, such as the obligation perspective, which also has its own style of behaviors. Personal ethics is ultimately based on one’s conscience, and incorporating ethics into one’s choices and decisions will help a person make moral choices (Sitterly, 2005). The American Psychological Association (APA) created the Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct for psychologists exclusively (Gravitz, 2009).
The Findings of the Ethics Awareness Inventory
An ethical perspective is obligation, which is one way a person perceives ethics. People with an obligation perspective views ethics as a duty or requirement to do what is morally (ethically) right based on their conscience (TWI, 2008). These people assess others on their intentions, instead of their results, which is how they behave and what rules they choose to abide (TWI, 2008). A person with an obligation perspective believes that ethical principles are right in any situation, considerate of one’s dignity, and obligated to helping freedom and independence (TWI, 2008). As an ethical style, obligation indicates that every human being has intrinsic importance and each person has an entitlement to singular respect (TWI, 2008). People with this style also believe people ought to be permitted to make their own choices, as long as they are within lawful and civilized parameters (TWI, 2008). This style simply supports guidelines meant to guarantee the same opportunities and respect for every person (TWI, 2008).
The Role and Importance of Ethics
Personal ethics is based on one’s conscience and what a person does or how a person acts in any setting when nobody is watching (Sitterly, 2005). Conscience is the...

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