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Psychanalytic Theory Essay

  • Submitted by: flentgek
  • on September 18, 2012
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Psychoanalytic Theory
Krystal L. Flentge
Dallas Baptist University

Psychoanalytic Theory
Brief history of the theory and theorist
The psychoanalytic theory is considered as one of the most influential theories in psychology. The theory, which was developed by Sigmund Freud, concentrates on the relationship between adulthood behavior and upbringing experiences. The theory is founded on the effects of childhood experiences and unconsciousness towards determining the human behavior. In the analysis of the psychoanalytic theory, human development is subdivided into several psychosexual stages. The consistencies among these stages determine the stability of an individual behavior. However, conflicts among these stages may affect normal development and lead to longtime behavioral changes. The theory was developed in the start of the twentieth century, and it became one of the most popular theories in the first half of the century. Its development made it possible for researchers to understand behavior in relation to the psychological aspects and environmental effects altering human behavior.  
The theorist, Sigmund Freud, was born in Vienna, Austria in the year 1856. Being the firstborn in a family of eight, he was fond of his mother because she seemed compassionate and kind more than his father, who appeared to be strict. However, his father’s strictness and responsibility helped him to discover Sigmund’s intelligence, prompting him to send him to school (Driskell, 2009). After graduating from the University of Vienna, he furthered his education to become a lecturer at the same university, where he started his research on the connection between behavior and the psychological environment.  
His study led to the realization that humans have impulses and drives and that each of these elements is triggered by internal and external environments. Based on his research, Freud discovered that impulses are less popular among humans because they are often hidden deep...

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